Our Mission

Packjoy was created to give a voice to fashion brands. We’re providing a creative outlet for women to express their personal style. We’ve created a fresh, unique way for women to find what they like irrespective of who makes it.

As a fashion brand, you deserve an audience to showcase your one of kind creations. That is our only goal—to help your clothes get into closets everywhere. It’s time to level the playing field.

We’re here to find your fans and democratize fashion. We hope you will join us!

Kate Monahan Co-founder


More Exposure

Increased brand awareness to potential customers.

More Traffic

We send our users directly to your product page. More traffic = more sales.

Latest Technology

As a partner, you're helping pave the way for the future of fashion.

How it works


Loan us your collection

We'll email you a free shipping label. We'll send your clothes back, tags intact, just like new, when we're done.


We'll Photograph Them

Our team carefully handles your collection and photographs each piece, from multiple angles. You can keep the images, if you want!


Information Exchange

We'll provide you with a document that itemizes your collection. We'll ask for stuff like product page URLs, descriptions, prices, etc.


You get your clothes back

You'll receive confirmation from our team when you're collection added! We’ll also send your clothes back, just like we received them.

Thanks! Someone will contact you ASAP.

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